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River Rafting at a glance

With lives becoming more mechanical and enslaved to our round-the-clock schedules, adventure sports are fast becoming a source of rejuvenation. River Rafting is one of the most widely followed adventure sports of the time, which came into prominence during the mid 70s era. Rafting is done on white water. White Water comes into existence when river’s gradient quotient augments and begins disturbing the laminar flow of the river and causing turbulence. Rivers or creeks having ample number of rapids, especially those flowing through a mountainous terrain are the best sources of White Water.

River Rafting is classified into 6 grades of difficulty depending on the 6 grades of White Water decided as per the International Scale of River Difficulty, grade 1 requiring very basic knowledge while grade 6 being the most dangerous. River Rafting is marked as an extreme sport which has yielded fatal accidents as well. This adventure sport has evolved immensely over the years and there are several technical terms which have not only to e understood but also brought into practice in order master the art of River Rafting. Manoeuvring techniques of Punching and High Sliding along with different Capsizing and Re-righting conditions are needed to be understood.

Most Adventurous White River Rafting locations in India

India, with the topographical diversity it has been gifted by the Mother Nature, is fast becoming a global centre for adventure sports since it has a natural setting for most of the adventure sports activities. River Rafting Packages are witnessing an unprecedented exponential rise with so many rivers in the country flowing through different mountainous terrains, be it the Sahyadri mountain ranger or the Himalayas. The 16 km stretch of River Ganga from Shivpuri to Lakshman Jhula point in Rishikesh at the foothills of Himalayas is considered to be one of best White River Rafting sites, not only in India but in entire world. For those looking for River Rafting near Mumbai and Pune, several exciting options have cropped up in the last half a decade.

Zanskar, River Indus in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh, the Bhagirathi River or the Teesta River in Sikkim and Darjeeling, etc are all one of the best White Water River Rafting places in the country. River Rafting at Kolad which happens on the banks of river Kundalika has also reached to the level of Grade IV on the International Scale for River Difficulty. Most conspicuous benefit of Kundalika River Rafting is that it is pleasingly in the vicinity of the cities of Mumbai and Thane.