Rive Rafting in Vaitarna

White River Rafting on the waters of Vaitarna River


In the Hindu religious scriptures, River Vaitarna is said to be between Earth and the Infernal. However, it delivers one heaven of an experience of river rafting. In the Kasara region of Maharashtra where the mountainous terrain outside the town of Thane begin, river Vaitarna’s water provides with an apt experience for River Rafting Packages which can be easily found on the internet. There are several adventure sports services offering firms which have formed their base at the Vaitarna River for the purpose of River Rafting. Most of these River Rafting near Mumbai and Pune services are located at the Dapura village which is situated at the reservoir of mid Vaitarna.

However, Dapura village is the reporting place since the river rafting commencement point is at Savarkut Village, which is 15 min ride from Dapura Village in jeep. River Rafting on the Vaitarna waters proves to be an apt choice for people living in cities of Mumbai and Thane, similar on the lines of Kundalika River Rafting. The main reason behind this belief is the fact that it is not far remote from the cities and is easily accessible. Furthermore, like River Rafting at Kolad, there are numerous adventure sports options available.