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Hansel Misquitta  HANSEL MISQUITTA : Hey Hansel here! Had an out of the world experience! 26th September is one I will definitely cherish! All thanks to our leader vishu! Guys thanks alot! Hope for more trips with vishu as our leader… Filled with adventure and fun!Go Travellers!!

Rashmi AiyerRashmi Aiyer : Hi, First of all a big big Thank U for such an amazing experience.. Beautiful place.. Lovely people.. Superb leader n Wonderful memories to cherish. The whole trip was Awesome. Looking forward to many such trips in the time to come. Thanks a Ton.

gaurav bangera Gaurav Bangera : It was 4am on that very morning that I woke up and this was may be after ages that I got up so early for a reason other than studying on the day of any exam.

Little did I know what amazing fun will I have in d whole day. We met our TL, Ishita Mahek at dadar by 5 and the whole group left for koladby 530 in the bus. Morning went by passing Mumbai and reaching outskirts, few sleeping other clickn snaps and few knowning each other. Once the sky was clear, people started interacting and observing the whole group; while ishita served us our much awaited breakfast. All got busy with scenic beauty of clouds over the mountains and sun almost getting disappeared.

We stopped at the most appropriate hotel named as Hotel Bijli.. we all got down.. clicked some photos and some people freshened up. Then we all eagerly waited for our destination to come as the driver tuk us thru the small lanes of the village.

Finally we reached kolad and all wer eager to raft so quickly gathered and then the traditional introduction was done by our TL but in a very unique way and we could sense that this girl is something different. It was a great gang of people together

All got ready in their gear with the helmet and the rowing stick. All pics with wierd expressions were taken as we were not suppose to carry our cameras.

We all were then divided into 2 groups for rafting in different rafts.
We had our set of already known 8 people plus ishita n the guide.. he instructed us and then we were on our voyage..  I personally felt really cool and never knew rafting was so much fun.. this was my first time at rafting and I had one of the best times..be it rowing, swimming, jumping in the water, feeling the waves n many more things..

We headed for pet puja straight after rafting and had a really decent simple and yum food.. people relaxed a bit  by the riverside and few were busy clickn pics.

We then went for our optional water sports where our 2 brave girls decided to conquer the bump ride and then gave us a big thumbs up. Then me n my other friend decided to go for it. As they say looks r deceptive, the ride took it all out of us and made us fresh and wet again. Ishitaz recommendation of this ride was indeed a pleasant surprise and a great addition to our trip.

We then got into the bus to head back home and everyone were just about to crash which is one Ishita came up with Guess the Song game which got all together and worked very well as a team building activity. It was then followed by Dumb charades and so on.. we sis not realise that we almost touched Navi Mumbai by then. Then was the time to rest a bit and cherish our times spent since morning.. We almost felt like a whole 2-3 days spent in that one day.

It was superbly organised and was worth each penny we spent. Thank to MT and special thanks to Ishita as she was really an amazing TL even though she made us feel that she was a part of the group n never a boss. She did rafting swimming, somersaults n back flips in the water and quickly became one amongst us.. she has great leasership skills and can go very far. I feel she is a great asset to MT and they should use her ability to a great extent. I am very sure she can do wonders in this and through word of mouth get a lot of good publicity to MT.

Our group intends to go to Rishikesh also this October and are on our way to book tickets. We hope it would be a better one.

Ashwini Iyer Ashwini Iyer :

It times some trips make u realise that life is not just hanging out with friends and family, it’s not about spending on shopping n collecting new stuff, it’s much more than that. I realised that I have a long wish list. Many things to do, life is all about make new memories,  meeting new people making new friends.. 26th September when I laid on my bed at night and looked back at the whole day that I spent it was one of those best things ever happened to me… I am really grateful to Mumbai travelers to make the river rafting trip so amazing for me.  A big thank you to vishakha ( our leader) to make us feel so comfortable throughout the day. At the end I just want to say that I would like to be the member of your family, and I am looking forward to many such wonderful trips.  Thank you all.

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