Things to keep in mind while going River Rafting

Safety Equipments for Kolad River Rafting

Important points to note before you check in your raft : 

River Rafting is an excellent way to vent out our potent energies, revitalize our vitalities and taste adventure, all in one go. However, while going for River Rafting near Mumbai and Pune or any other place, one should always keep this in mind that River Rafting is an extreme adventure sport which has the potential to be fatal if precautions are neglected. Over the years, the instances of accidents in River Rafting have narrowed significantly. However, despite the diligent approach of professionals who manage the river rafting across different white water stretches in India, there have been instances of accidents including injuries like fractures if you do not follow the instructions of your guide properly.

To ensure the safety, we as a responsible operator, make sure that we use the high quality rafts which will not burst even in extreme pressure and provide all the necessary safety gears to all the participants. The gear include a life jacket, helmet and sturdy raft. Above all our rafting instructors are highly professional and certified to lead rafting expedition and are equally aware about rescue situations.

Most of the accidents or injuries occur if the people indulging in this sport fall out of their raft. The professionals point out that during such instances one should try to swim towards an edge. This will avoid the person being swept downstream. Experts in River Rafting like?professionals at Kolad point out that a comprehensive understanding of technicalities like Punching and High Sliding method of maneuvering the raft, different Re-righting techniques for different Capsizing situations, etc helps avoiding accidents; or handling them professionally if they occur. The major instructions one needs to follow are locking feel properly in the raft, wearing all the safety gear that we provide you, Roaring in the synchronization with your leader and avoiding any unwanted stunts to catch attention.

In case of any small or major injury, consult your raft leader immediately and he shall help you with the basic first aid. Do not worry, we understand the value of our clients and we make sure everyone goes back from Kolad with smiling faces and great experience.

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