Adventurous Watersports in Kolad


For those people who are on the lookout of an exciting place to quench their thirst for adventure sports, Kolad can prove to be an apt choice. While River Rafting at Kolad has been a known activity for those having an inclination for adventure sports, there are several other adventure sports which one can deal in. Kolad is on the banks of river Kundalika and hence it is quite obvious that water oriented adventure sports would be more prominent here. Kayaking is one of the widely practised adventure sports at Kolad. For the uninitiated, Kayaking is an individual sports activity which is done in a narrow banana shaped boat in a sitting position with legs stretched forward.

Kundalika River Rafting is the biggest draw at Kolad. The water which is freed from Rawalje Dam is utilised for the activity of white water rafting. At Kolad, river rafting which is practiced is of Grade IV in accordance with the International Scale for River Difficulty. The Kundalika River flows on jagged terrains zigzagging through forested and uninhabited hills of the Kolad region. The professionals have been handling the river rafting activity with utmost professionalism and efficiency so that even the most untrained individuals get the adrenaline push which they come in search of at Kolad.

After having indulged in River Rafting Packages, River Crossing is another water-related adventure activity which can be indulged in. It may seem similar to the task of crossing roads as in our daily lives. However, Kolad is an uninhabited place which is surrounded by forested hills, lush green with Teak plantations. Furthermore, water gushing on the mammoth black rocks makes the River Crossing adventure a surreal experience.

Kolad falls amidst the Sahyadri Mountain ranges. The cliffs and dizzying heights of the mountains surrounding the Kundalika River result in pristine waterfalls during the precipitation period. This calls for Waterfall Rappelling on these cliffs. Waterfall Rappelling can yield as much adrenaline rush as River Rafting near Mumbai and Pune on Kundalika River yields. Furthermore, one also gets the opportunity to come over their fear of Acrophobia. Hanging through a single rope alongside serene waterfalls and lush greenery is an experience which would be etched out in your memory simply for eternity!

There seems to be simply unending source of water sports at Kolad. Besides doing River Rafting, Water Rappelling, River Crossing and Kayaking, one can also indulge in water adventure activities of Jet Skiing and Bumper Riding. These activities can rival any other adventure sports for the thrill and excitement which it offers. Besides the magnetic pull of water sports for adrenaline junkies, there is also the option of Paintball. Playing individually or in teams, Paintball is a game in which the players are provided with Paintball Guns/ Paintball Markers to mark and shoot at their opponents with capsules which contain water soluble dyes and gelatine shells on the outside. Thus, Kolad proves to be an ultimate centre for adventure sports with easy accessibility, professional expertise and an enormous facility.